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Reasons not to vote for Blunt.

"Don’t back down from a fight that you know is for something worth fighting for, even if you may not win it."
Muhammad Ali


“You’re never too old to chase your dream.”
Diana Nyad after finally completing the Cuba to Florida swim after more than 30 years of trying.


The poet Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, "How sad that most people die with their song still inside them." I don't intend to die with my song for public service still inside me. And when in office, it will be my job to insure that your song doesn't either.
Bill Haas


Leadership is action, not position
Bill Haas and others 

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment. You own it. Never let it go

Ducunt volentum fata, nolentem trahunt." (Fate leads the willing, drags the unwilling.)

Faith is born of complete engagement in human conduct.
Bonhofer, Lutheran philosopher who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

One day you will have a fork in the road, and you're going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go. If you go [one] way, you can be somebody. You will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your friends. But you will be a member of the club and you will get promoted and get good assignments. Or you can go [the other] way and you can do something - something for your country and for your Air Force and for yourself . If you decide to do something, you may not get promoted and you may not get good assignments and you certainly will not be a favorite of your superiors. But you won't have to compromise yourself . To be somebody or to do something. In life there is often a roll call. That's when you have to make a decision. To be or to do. Legendary Air Force maverick, the late Col. John R. Boyd