The Issues Bill Stands For

Property Tax Revision

Property Tax revision to freeze property taxes for seniors and others on fixed incomes.

Early Childhood Reading

All children need to be reading at grade level by third grade or this country will go nowhere! I’d like to see the Republicans try to stand between me and the money for early childhood reading. It won’t be pretty for them.

Affordable, Comprehensive Healthcare

Move toward Medicare for all/Single Payer by lowering buy-in age for Medicare to 55 and lock in pre-existing conditions.

Violence Prevention Public Service Announcements and Hotline

Public service announcements 24×7 and a dedicated hotline asking people about to hurt themselves or others to come in from the cold and call to ask for help. We need to have that help ready!

Entitlements: Social Security & Medicare

Prevent Republicans from outsourcing Social Security and Medicare to vouchers and privatizing to pay for the deficit they’ve created by giving massive tax breaks to their rich contributors.

Tuition Aid & Student Debt Relief

End current loans after twenty years; money for new loans will be repaid by a percent of your income over the next twenty years.

Senior Care and Child Care

Ombudspersons required for senior care and nursing homes and other residential living facilities. I will work toward an increase in federal funds for these services, making sure our senior residents are properly cared for and protected from abuse.

Common Sense Gun Laws

Ban on high-capacity magazines, universal background checks, increase gun purchasing age to 21, and have serious discussions involving a complete ban on all assault weapons.

Climate Change

A critical issue we need to address in an affordable way with carbon tax and/or carbon exchange. I will also work to lower our reliance on fossil fuels (before it’s too late)!

End Animal Abuse on Factory Farms

Pretty self explanatory here. This needs to END!

Severance for Workers Displaced by Outsourcing & Automation

If companies are laying off workers because of mergers, acquisition or automation, they shall be required to give those workers a fair severance based on years of service. If they can’t afford it, then they shouldn’t merge, acquire, or automate.

Corporate Tax Breaks

No federal tax breaks for sports teams or other companies playing one jurisdiction against another, cities or states. No more threatening to move if they don’t get money.

Medical Cannabis

I am in favor of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes, including traumatic brain injuries especially for veterans.
I am also in favor of states and cities voting on whether to legalize cannabis.
Thirdly, I support the FDA reclassifying the drug category of cannabis and the Justice Department not enforcing any federal cannabis laws against states and cities who choose to legalize.


We need to invest in our infrastructure. This will create jobs and help to ease income inequality.

Opioid Crisis

There are many ways to address this complicated important issue – and we will find them! That’s a promise.

Women's Rights

I will propose a constitutional amendment requiring that a man and woman both be elected from each congressional district, even if that means half as many districts. It would make a great difference in the Congress and, therefore, the country.

Pro Choice

Safe, legal, and rare. Affordable and accessible.